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Pacers Links: Pacers vs. Thunder or Heat vs. Bobcats? Easy answer for ESPN

After pulling the plug on the Pacers vs. Thunder game on Friday, ESPN will instead broadcast the Heat without four key players taking on the Bobcats.

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Mike Ehrmann

ESPN has been gorging on the Miami Heat so much this season that even a late-season matchup with the Charlotte Bobcats couldn't satiate their appetite. They had to have it.

Last week the Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder were slated to play on ESPN this Friday, but with the Heat streaking, the boys in Bristol decided they better swap out the matchup that will pit Paul George against Kevin Durant in order to keep up with the latest on the Heat.

Then the Heat lost. Oops. Of course, instead of flipping the hours-old decision again, ESPN figured they would stick with the Heat. Unfortunately, the Heat earned the right to easy their way through the end of the regular season by giving their stars some rest. So today we get this news from South Beach.

Oh bummer. Well, I guess you can never get enough of a Norris Cole vs. Kemba Walker battle. The whole situation has become comical, even more so when you see that the Heat will play the Philadelphia 76ers the next night on...ESPN. Nom, nom, nom, nom...

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