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Halftime score: Pacers again down big to Hawks 57-40

Basketball games are a funny thing. One minute you're the Indiana Pacers, controlling the game late in the first quarter up 21-14, the next thing you know, you're the Atlanta Hawks, rattling off a 22-3 run, hitting seven three pointers in the second quarter, and outscoring the Pacers 35-17 in the second quarter.

The Pacers have come apart in the first half again, allowing the Hawks to just run away with the game offensively. Atlanta is shooting 55%, 7-11 from three point range, killing the Pacers on the glass 25-18, and have completely gotten into the head's of the Pacers. The Pacers will need to get back to business in the second half if they hope to not lose big again, as Roy Hibbert's 10 leads the Pacers. Josh Smith leads Atlanta with 16 as Kyle Korver has 11 off the bench.

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