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Halftime score: Hawks rolling Pacers 54-30

It's been as bad as it could've been in the first half for the Indiana Pacers, who were thoroughly beaten down by the Atlanta Hawks in the first 24 minutes. The Pacers jumped out to an 8-1 lead, but that was the end of the good times for the Pacers, who went on to shoot 23.8% in the first half, allowed seven offensive rebounds, let up 30 points in the paint, and have 12 turnovers (leading to 15 Atlanta points).

This first half was everything that could go wrong realized. The Hawks entered the game going larger, creating frustrations for the Pacers. Atlanta got 24 combined points from Josh Smith and Al Horford and shot 50% as a team. For the Pacers, Paul George has 12 points and five rebounds and a visibly frustrated David West has eight.

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