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Pacers vs. Hawks Links: Could the Pacers make a move for Dwight Howard?

While the Pacers prep for Game 3 in Atlanta, we can look at a path the Pacers could take to land Dwight Howard this summer. Just one little detail that could muck up the plan, though.

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The Indiana Pacers took the day off on Thursday to rest and recoup while looking ahead to Game 3 in Atlanta. For Lance Stephenson, that meant grimacing through treatment on his hip with the plan to be ready to go on Saturday night.

A couple of other stories of interest in the links today include a look back at the progress Paul George's sister made while playing at Pepperdine which follows the similar arc to PG's rise in importance on the Pacers roster.

Also, Tom Ziller at breaks down the possible landing places for Dwight Howard next year and includes a plausible path that have him join the Pacers. Playing off of Portland's interest in Roy Hibbert last summer, here is the theory.

PACERS: I have other ideas for Portland, though. They went after Roy Hibbert a year ago. If they were still interested, they could trade for him while sending the Pacers only minimal salary and draft picks. Indiana would then have room to sign Howard. Or we could get really fancy and pull a three-way deal: Hibbert to Portland, Danny Granger to the Lakers in a sign-and-trade that sends Howard to Indiana. Regardless: Dwight, a re-signed David West, Paul George, George Hill, Lance Stephenson, wins wins wins.

That would make for a wild offseason, no? But as TZ goes on to note, the minor detail in this speculation is Howard signing off on such a deal where he'd have to be looking for a championship situation as a priority instead of a big market team.

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