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Is Paul George the NBA's Most Improved Player?

The Pacers announced a press conference for Tuesday morning in the Fieldhouse entry pavilion which will likely answer the MIP question.


Indiana Pacers forward Paul George appears poised to pickup the NBA's Most Improved Player award tomorrow morning. Krissy Myers from the league's best media relations team (NBA's words not mine) tweeted the details of a press conference slated for Tuesday morning.

Hey, that sounds like the same type of press conference they held to announce Danny Granger's MIP award after the 2008-09 season. Of course, that wasn't held on an off day during a playoff series. All the Pacers had were off days in the playoffs after the 2008-09 regular season.

So while the press conference details leave out the reason behind the media gathering, the buzz for PG as MIP is strong enough to assume that's what the Pacers and the NBA plan to announce.

Stay tuned.

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