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George Hill joins Mike Epps for Pacers 'All Gold Everything' remix

A pair of local legends pair up with Amp Harris to put together a fun track for the playoffs.

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If there is anything going on in Indianapolis that is fun and entertaining, then you know local producer/promoter Amp Harris is in the mix.

As a big Pacers fan, Amp decided he wanted to put something special together for the playoffs so he called on on a pair of local legends to help put together a song for the Pacers. To pay tribute to the blue and gold, Amp put together remix of "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James with comedian/actor, Mike Epps and point guard George Hill spitting the verses which pay tribute to their hometown.

Word is a video is in the works, but the audio track was released this afternoon, so check it out HERE.

Here's a chunk of GHill's verse which includes references to Long's Bakery and the classic West Rink roller skating rink.

I started from the bottom, 34th is my home

My jump shot is too sweet and it tastes just like Long's (sweet)

A trey ball or layup, to me it's all the same

It feels like the West Rink when I'm skatin all them lanes (I'm rollin)

Yeah, the playoffs my game, ankle break or get sprain

G3 or G5, I'm too fly not plain

Imma go hard or go home, 'cause a ring is all I want (one ring)

I'm a Pacer and I love dis, don't give a (HONK) who don't

Real good chance you'll hear the whole thing at the Fieldhouse on Sunday for Game 1 against the Hawks. Wooo!!!