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Pacers game against Celtics canceled due to terror attack at Boston Marathon

After a tragic Patriots Day, Boston has bigger concerns than a basketball game which the Pacers were scheduled to play on Tuesday night.


The Indiana Pacers had team-bonding off day in Boston turn tragic, after two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed at least three people and injured many more.

The traveling party with the Pacers had dispersed into a few groups after attending the Boston Red Sox game. After the blasts put the city in lock-down mode, the full group on the road with the team, including the players were all safe and accounted for.

As details continue to emerge and authorities have declared the tragedy an act of terror, the NBA officially and thankfully canceled the Pacers game with the Boston Celtics scheduled for 8 PM on Tuesday night. This is the only thing the league could do with the current state of the city and the priority of taking care of all of the people in town for the Patriots Day festivities and marathon who were suddenly and shockingly displaced.

This game will not be re-scheduled and won't impact any of the playoff positions in the Eastern Conference. The team will return to Indy on Tuesday morning and then finish the regular season on Wednesday night when they host the Philadelphia 76ers.

But thinking about the Pacers and the playoffs are for another time. For now, all of our thoughts and prayers are with the people in Boston.