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Pacers lead Magic 53-38 at halftime

The Indiana Pacers used a big second quarter, fueled by their bench to take a healthy double figure lead into the locker room. There's no typo there, nor in the box score. The bench, much maligned for their recent (and season long) struggles, scoring 25 total points, nearly outscoring the starters as a whole. The bench was key in the second quarter, pushing their lead on a 33-22 period.

D.J. Augustin leads the Pacers with 11 points and four assists with three three pointers. He's getting help from Tyler Hansbrough, who has 10 points on 5-7 shooting, and five rebounds. Roy Hibbert has six points on 2-3 shooting with three blocks, but he and Ian Mahinmi have foul issues, Hibbert picking up two, Mahinmi with three.

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