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Danny Granger injury: Granger sits out practice, questionable for Celtics

The Pacers forward was unable to practice on Tuesday after missing the second half of the Chicago game on Sunday.

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Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger did not practice with the team on Tuesday leaving his status as questionable for Wednesday night when the Pacers host the Boston Celtics.

Mike Wells reports that the Pacers held Granger out of practice with knee pain after he was unable to play in the second half on Sunday and had a full day off on Monay. Following practice, Frank Vogel tried to downplay his concerns about Granger's set back.

When asked whether he thought Granger's injury may linger on for the rest of the season, Vogel said: "Everything (the training staff) tells me is that it's not going to be that way. Until they tell me otherwise, I'm still under the impression that it's going to be a 20-minute-a-game type-of-deal until he's able to handle more."

Last Thursday, three games into his return to the court, Danny Granger didn't sound like a player ready to make a major impact on the Pacers anytime soon. But the shots were starting to fall and the idea of Granger giving the team an offensive boost off the bench, seemed like a pretty good compromise. The next night, playing in back-to-back games appeared to be a good sign, even though Granger shut it down for the second half.

When the soreness cropped up again on Sunday, keeping Granger out of the second half against Chicago, Granger seemed to hit a plateau in his comeback bid. Now Granger and the team are in day-to-day territory which means Vogel can't rely on the former All-Star.

Regardless of what is said at the Fieldhouse, the situation certainly doesn't feel right and hasn't since Granger's initial minutes on the court. For that reason I will heed the advice I've been giving fans with bloated early expectations -- wait until early April to pass judgment on what the Pacers can really expect from Granger.

Hopefully, he'll still be playing to make that judgment a reality.

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