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Halftime score: Pacers, Mavs all knotted at the break, 41-41

Lance Stephenson struggled through the second quarter but finished with a beautiful, scooping layup in traffic to send the Indiana Pacers to halftime all tied up with the Dallas Mavericks at 41-41.

David West marked his return with an eight minute stint and four points to start the game. West returned in the second quarter but did not score as he looks to regain his rhythm on the court after missing six games with a hip injury. Paul George leads the Pacers in scoring with nine points as the Pacers need to improve their offensive execution in the second half to crack through the Mavs' defensive effort.

Dirk Nowitzki sparked the Mavs' early comeback and ended the half leading all scorers with 12 points. Former Pacers point guard Darren Collison came off the bench full of energy to attack his former team. DC had some success in the lane and finished the half with nine points and three assists, including a corner three-pointer by the Pacers bench which allowed him to make sure those on the sidelines knew exactly who had made the shot.