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Pacers Links: Pacers clinch Eastern Conference playoff spot on night off

While a formality this season, securing a playoff berth remains a notable milestone for the Pacers.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, the Indiana Pacers didn't lift a finger but thanks to the Los Angeles Clippers clobbering the Philadelhpia 76ers, 101-72, the Pacers have officially clinched a spot in the NBA playoffs for the third consecutive year.

Considering the fact that the Pacers are currently in second place in the Eastern Conference, this news isn't exactly astonishing, but it remains a notable spot in the season to stop, smell the roses and appreciate what this team has accomplished so far in the regular season.

Prior to the season, assuming Danny Granger would out about 50 games, I figured the Pacers would take a step back from last season but do well to earn a playoff spot. Second place, while essentially not having Granger available? Certainly exceeded and reset my early expectations.

Now the Pacers have to get David West healthy and ready for the playoffs while maintaining their standing in the East. No easy task to close the season. But at least we know this team won't back down from the challenge.

With the playoffs clinched, the Pacers are prepping for playoff tickets, so make sure you get in on the early options to score good seats.

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