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This Day in Pacers History: March 14

Last year, the Pacers beat the Sixers on the boards, but the most memorable game (albeit a bad one) was back in 1997 when two Hall of Famers sung their regular tune to the Pacers.

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  • 1980: "Dr. J" scores 33 points, but fails to grab their 53rd win of the season falling to Indiana 104-94 thanks to six Pacers scoring in double-digits.
  • 1981: Indiana fell to Detroit 101-94 as Kent Benson dropped a 24-and-15 double-double.
  • 1985: Steve Stipanovich scores 33, but Indiana lost by one to the Clippers, 113-112. On a side note, L.A. picked up four technical fouls for illegal defense.
  • 1986: Milwaukee makes 10 more free throws, and Milwaukee ended up winning 114-104. Vern Fleming and Clint Richardson each had double-doubles for the Pacers.
  • 1989: Chuck Person drops 40 points but Indiana still loses to Detroit 129-117.
  • 1991: Sacramento beat the Pacers 107-103 thanks to Antoine Carr having a game-high 26 points.
  • 1993: John Starks scores 31 points on 3-of-6 shooting from 3-point territory in a 121-90 beating of the Pacers. Reggie Miller only could make one 3-pointer out of his 19 points.
  • 1997: Karl Malone delivers a 31-point, 11 rebound game while John Stockton has 10 assists. Rik Smits led the Pacers with 25 points. but lost 105-96.
  • 1999: Smits scored 28 points and the Pacers beat the Celtics, 99-96. Chris Mullin made three 3-pointers while Dale Davis had a double-double. The win was Indiana's fourth-straight.
  • 2000: Dallas scored 36 points in the first quarter and never looked back thanks 28 points by Dirk Nowitzki. Travis Best scored 26 for Indiana, but shot 33 percent as a team. Dallas defeats Indiana 111-90.
  • 2001: Nick Van Exel nearly had an impressive double-double, but was two assists shy of that. He scored 37. Indiana shot better than Denver, but the Nuggets made 10 3-pointers to bury the Pacers 95-83.
  • 2003: Indiana made 10 3-pointers in a 101-81 win over the Jazz. Erick Strickland made four of those 10.
  • 2004: Cleveland snapped Indiana's seven-game winning streak while the Cavs got their sixth straight. LeBron James scored 26, and forced Metta World Peace to take a hard shot that fell short at the buzzer.
  • 2007: Indiana lost their 11th straight game while the Wizards shot over 50 percent taking care of the Pacers 112-96.
  • 2008: Indiana never led in a game where Jason Kidd nearly gets a triple-double. Flip Murray scores 22 for Indiana in a 117-96 loss.
  • 2010: Leading up to this game, Scott Skiles treated this game as a trap game, and the Bucks came out with a 98-94 win. Jerry Stackhouse scores 20 for Milwaukee. Danny Granger led Indiana with 29 points, but had four rebounds.
  • 2012: While Philadelphia shot over 50 percent, what won the game for the Pacers was rebounding. Indiana scraped together 37 boards to the Sixers' 26. Granger scored 20.