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Pacers are suddenly the best deal in town for elite entertainment

The Pacers are putting up performances on their home court worthy of making them a hot ticket in town. So that makes going to the Fieldhouse the best bargain around since tickets are so easy to come by.


Here are a few leftover notes from the Pacers three wins in three nights this week.

  • Paul George was the Ironman for the Pacers, averaging 41 minutes in the three games along with 21 points. Vogel played each game to win, which meant riding PG and his young legs for heavy minutes.
  • All of the Pacers starters stepped up their game along with PG. George Hill averaged over 17 points and 6 assists. David West shouldered the offensive load with 29 points against Chicago and then added 15 in the other two games. Lance Stephenson averaged almost 12 points and six rebounds per game while making his presence known when he was on the floor. Nice to have opposing defenses have to account for that fourth or fifth offensive option. Roy Hibbert stepped up as well by averaging 12 points and 10 rebounds in the three wins and really giving the Pacers a boost in Philly.
  • Fatigue seemed to help focus the Pacers as their turnovers went from 16 against Chicago to 12 against Atlanta and just 8 against Philly.
  • The basketball gods helped mitigate the situation B2B2B situation with Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich joining Derrick Rose on the sidelines for Chicago, Zaza Pachulia missing in the middle for Atlanta, and Thaddeus Young out for Philly.
  • The Pacers have three home games remaining before the All-Star break next weekend. Frank Vogel was literally begging fans to come to the Fieldhouse for what should be an easy sell. First of all, the Pacers always win (or almost always, 15 in a row and counting). The team is fun to watch when they are winning plus the game experience is a blast at the Fieldhouse.

After five consecutive Pacers' wins, we just received news of a special offer from TiqIQ & ScoreBig. These No-Fee deals allow you to make-an offer on tickets vs Rudy Gay & the Raptors tomorrow night.

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