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This Day in Pacers History: February 4

Indiana has played plenty of games, including one in 2013, which turned out well for Indiana.


  • 1981: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored 29 against the Pacers in a 102-96 win, giving the Lakers their sixth straight win.
  • 1982: Eight different Pacers scored in double-digits to beat the Nuggets 131-114.
  • 1983: It's tough to beat the Pacers when Larry Bird leads the way with 23 points. Pacers fell to Boston, 102-93.
  • 1984: Jeff Ruland had 24 points and 14 rebounds to help lead Washington over the Pacers 125-101. It was Indiana's third straight loss.
  • 1985: Seven Clippers scored in double figures that helped give Indiana another road loss, 115-96.
  • 1988: Charles Barkley put up 30 points in a 109-95 loss for the Sixers. Wayman Tisdale led Indiana with 26 points.
  • 1989: Despite having a slightly better night than the Knicks in shooting percentage, Indiana fell to New York 113-106.
  • 1993: San Antonio shot nearly 10 percent better from the floor than the Pacers in a 133-115 Spurs win. Vern Fleming led Indiana with 24 points.
  • 1994: It was Isaiah Rider who did most of the work for Minnesota through a game-high 27 points, but Indiana shot 56 percent from the floor in a 114-93 win.
  • 1995: A slow 38-point first half put the Pacers in an ugly 82-73 loss against Cleveland.
  • 1996: Patrick Ewing came to produce a double-double for the Knicks on the road, but Indiana's home cookin' helped the Pacers beat New York 90-83. Derrick McKey led Indiana with 21 bench points.
  • 1997: Rony Seikaly's 22 points helped the Magic defeat Indiana 111-87.
  • 1998: Indiana nailed 10 3-pointers against the Sonics, and on most nights, that should be enough to win. Not win Vin Baker scores 41. That was the difference in a 104-97 Sonics win.
  • 2000: A strong first quarter performance helped the Pacers shake off a 26-point night from Chris Webber.
  • 2002: Devean George hit the deciding 3-pointer that helped the Lakers edge out a road win, 97-94. Oh, and Kobe dropped 35 points.
  • 2005: Indiana snapped a six-game losing streak by beating Dallas at home, 95-94. Bad misexecution by the Mavs helped the Pacers.
  • 2006: Indiana beats Detroit 93-85 despite Richard Hamilton scoring 31 for the Pistons.
  • 2011: Danny Granger's 11 third quarter points over Portland helped the Pacers win their third straight, 100-87.
  • 2012: A 34 percent night from the floor didn't do much for Indiana as they fell 85-81 to a strong performance via Dwight Howard and the Magic by four.
  • 2013: David West almost reaches the 30-point mark as they beat the Bulls 111-101 for their 19th win at home this season.