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Roy Hibbert apologizes to fans, mom and plans to cover Lance Stephenson's fine

Leave it to the Big Dawg to turn Tuesday night's tussle into a team bonding opportunity.


Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert won't play against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night while serving a one-game suspension for his part in the heated shoving match with David Lee and the Golden State Warriors.

Lance Stephenson also drew a $35,000 fine from the NBA for his entry into the fray which is a pretty stiff penalty considering the Pacers guard makes around $870,000 this season. I know, wah, but still it would take Stehpenson three and a half games to pay off that fine.

Fortunately, Hibbert offered to cover the cash for his teammate (ht: @MikeWellsNBA), which is a nice gesture. Since Hibbert is making around $13.7 million this year, he'll make back Lance's fine money some time during the first quarter of Friday's game in Toronto. Also highlights the variety of ways Stephenson has been valuable for the Pacers this year. One cap friendly starting guard, no?

Hibbert also met with the media on Wednesday before the NBA officially handed down the punishment. He apologized to fans and also revealed his mom wasn't happy with his role in the altercation.