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Pacers Links: Pacers await word from NBA after pushing Warriors out of town

Roy Hibbert expects a one game suspension after losing his cool with David Lee.

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Roy Hibbert and David Lee appeared to work out their issues in a timely manner. A couple of hard shoves, tough guy glares and harsh words. Keep 'em separated for a minute and move on.

Unfortunately, Steph Curry buzzed in like a humming bird to grab Hibbert. The big fella swatted Curry aside a couple of times which led to an all-skate in the first row of the stands. Following the game, David West scoffed at the idea of suspensions since nothing raised to the level of an actual fight. Hibbert figured his double techs and Curry tosses would earn him a call this morning and likely suspension.

In the end, far too much ado about nothing. Bob Kravitz and Conrad Brunner captured the local sentiment quite well with their comments on the pushing and shoving which never came close to resembling a fight, let alone brawl.

Oh by the way, if you look past the two minutes of non-basketball interaction between the teams last night, you'll see that the Pacers put up an impressive win over a potent Golden State team. The Warriors had five players in double figures with Curry blazing from behind the arc (7-10) to finish with 38 points. The Pacers still rolled on to a double-digit win.

Not sure the Pacers were capable of this type of win earlier in the year. They've been comfortable grinding out wins in tough defensive battles, but the blue and gold actually looked equally comfy engaging in an offensive shoot out with Golden State last night.

Despite all of the offensive fireworks, the Pacers still found a way to disrupt Golden State just enough with their defense, closing up passing lane to gather 14 steals and protecting the rim to allow just 16 points in the paint. Maybe that's why Lee became frustrated enough to get Hibbert riled up. Enjoy the NBA TV crew breaking down the action.

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