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Will Bynum given one-game suspension for gut punch to Tyler Hansbrough

The Pistons guard will sit one game for letting Hansbrough have it in the fourth quarter of the Pacers' win on Saturday night.


The NBA announced a one-game suspension for Detroit Pistons guard Will Bynum on Sunday evening after he lost his cool on Saturday night and punched Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough in the stomach.

The offense took place in the fourth quarter with the Pacers up 20 points and rolling along to their fourth consecutive victory. Even in garbage time, the Pacers keep the pedal to the metal with Hansbrough on the floor which combines with frustrated opponents to do this.

Hansbrough leads the league in getting under opponents' skin while maintaining a demeanor that ranges between an expressionless gaze to a "what? me?" look. He doesn't merely play through contact he flails through it while appearing to enjoy the physical challenge.

That enjoyment is rarely reciprocated by the other team but also rarely fails to lure unsuspecting players to lose their focus and more often than not, their temper. Just add Bynum to the long list of players pushed over the edge and sucked into a technical or flagrant foul. That action will force Bynum to miss a game check while sitting out on Monday night when the Pistons host the Atlanta Hawks.