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Danny Granger injury update: Granger reportedly ready to play in Detroit

The Pacers forward will play in his first game of the season when the team faces the Pistons at the Palace on Saturday night.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger expects to play against the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night, according to Mike Wells.

Granger's return should keep the Pacers focused after drubbing the Pistons by 32 points on Friday night at the Fieldhouse. Too many times to count, Frank Vogel has said his plan would be to bring Granger along slowly with minutes off the bench.

While Granger is making his season debut, the nice thing is that the Pacers don't desperately need him with the way they've been playing of late. That should allow the team and Granger to take a measured approach to working 33 back into the mix.

Hopefully the plan holds up for tonight, but at this point it remains hard to believe Granger will actually be in uniform and available to play. But in a few hours, seeing will be believing as the Pacers look to fill their need for another scorer and more consistent production off the bench.