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Pacers Final Score: Pacers crush Knicks 125-91

Indiana had 74 points at halftime en route to a 34-point blowout.


The Indiana Pacers came out of the All-Star break focused and were quickly able to set the tone against the New York Knicks, leading by 12 after the first quarter. From there, it was a rout. The Pacers scored 44 points in the second quarter to help fuel a 30-point halftime lead that ballooned all the way to 39 in the second half. The Pacers came, they saw, they conquered the Knicks to pull within half a game of the second seed in the Eastern Conference.

Paul George led the way with 27 points in a foul heavy, free throw heavy, and highlight heavy Pacers showcase. There were 54 fouls called, leading to 74 free throws that slowed the game, and upped the points, leading the Pacers to a season high 125 points. George was lights out against Carmelo Anthony who had just 15 on 7-21 shooting. David West had 18. The Knicks were led by Tyson Chandler with 19.

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