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Whitlock: Paul George is Lil Kenard and a threat to LeBron's throne

The pride of Warren Central had his doubts about the Pacers before the season, but Paul George has made him a believer in his home town team.

USA TODAY Sports's Jason Whitlock is an unabashed Indiana Pacers fanatic and in his latest column the big fella lays out a little real talk about the Pacers and their chances to get past the Miami Heat...this year.

I've heard Whitlock numerous times on the radio over the past year and even after last season's playoff run, he was calling for the front office to blow up the roster. The reasoning was sound, figuring Danny Granger wasn't the necessary lead dog and there wasn't enough other talent on the roster to be legit contenders.

Like the rest of us, Paul George has come on this year to change his mind. Now it appears, Whitlock is all in while comparing PG to Lil Kenard from "The Wire" or a baby dragon from "Game of Thrones" (need some help here, haven't seen it). The idea is PG is the young, unassuming killer LeBron James and the Heat won't see coming.

Paul George is Lil Kenard, the baby Omar assassin who no one saw coming despite the clever hints David Simon, creator of "The Wire," placed throughout seasons four and five. Sunday's All-Star Game stands as a hint that George has an assassin's heart. Feel free to dismiss the NBA All-Star Game as a glorified pickup game. It is. But that does not make the game irrelevant for picking up clues about the psyche of its combatants.

I don't think PG will surprise the Heat, he's already taken two W's from Miami this season and was the best player on the court in the first matchup. Whitlock also puts PG's All-Star game performance in perspective compared to the ASG debuts of other NBA greats. Wow, nice company.

Whitlock also talked Pacers on his Real Talk podcast, working through his thoughts on the Pacers with Mike Wells. A perfect way to get pumped for the Knicks and the remainder of the season.