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Pacers Links: Pacers focus on Knicks coming out of All-Star break

The Pacers continue to prepare for their matchup with the New York Knicks while attention remains focused on Danny Granger's return to the court.

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Until Danny Granger actually plays in a game for the Indiana Pacers there will always be some doubt about his return. If he is able to play on Wednesday against the New York Knicks, great. If not, the questions and concerns will continue to mount.

I get it.

But I don't see the need to panic about the situation just yet. After mentioning the fact Granger's return may not be this week my inbox filled with anxious doom and gloom worries.

Some of those worries even added a conspiratorial twist, raising the idea that the Pacers are just trotting Granger out in practice as a PR stunt, a conspiracy to help sell tickets while knowing he won't return this year.

Stop it!

Check out this tweet from Scott Agness last night which includes a picture of Granger at practice. Notice he's running with the blue squad which is a good indication he is far closer to playing than he is to sitting out the remainder of the season. Obviously, something could happen in practice to set back Granger's return but practice time during the season is far to precious to dink around with Granger for PR purposes.

All of the worst case and best case scenarios remain in play for Granger's return but it will take some patience before the full story is revealed in the coming months. At least we have an actual game against the Knicks on Wednesday to focus on tomorrow.

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