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NBA Dunk Contest: Gerald Green eliminated with 32 on second dunk

The difficulty of Green's second dunk went against him, costing him a chance at winning.

Ronald Martinez

Gerald Green cut down the net in order to attempt his second dunk, where he would try to dunk the ball twice by catching the first with his left hand, dunking it again while still on the rim. It was a nice idea, but Green would miss all seven of his attempts in the allotted time before finally sending it through after the buzzer had gone off.

Green's first dunk was perhaps the most impressive dunk of the night, the rest of the night struggled to live up to it and will likely draw continuing distaste for the contest, with Terrence Ross scoring a 50 and winning on almost the same dunk as Green's first, with the West winner Jeremy Evans continuing to jump over things. The difficulty of Green's dunk worked against him, and may have cost him a chance at his second Slam Dunk trophy.

All-Star Weekend wraps up tomorrow with the All-Star Game, featuring Paul George.