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This Day in Pacers History: February 14

Superstars like Shaquille O' Neal, Rudy Gay and LeBron James have had solid performances against the Pacers over the last 15 years, but only one of those has beaten the Pacers on this date.

Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

  • 1980: Of the nine Pacers who saw playing time, only one did not find themselves with double digit scoring. The Pacers needed all those points by beating the Cavaliers by just four, 118-114.
  • 1982: Johnny Davis led the way with 25 points in a solid Pacers 107-91 win.
  • 1985: Indiana was the clear underdog against Milwaukee, but Indiana gave the Bucks a solid challenge and lost in overtime, 132-128.
  • 1986: Herb Williams nearly scored 40 as the Pacers took care of the Bulls 104-88.
  • 1987: Alex English led Denver in scoring while the Nuggets had 69 second half points. Denver ended up winning 129-113.
  • 1989: Despite out-shooting Phoenix in the game, Indiana still fell to the Suns 113-108. Free throws were the difference as the Suns made seven more FTs than Indiana.
  • 1990: Reggie scored 43 in the five periods that Indiana and Cleveland battled. Pacers won 133-131 in overtime.
  • 1992: Indiana shot 52 percent that helped them beat the Bucks 107-100.
  • 1995: The Pacers and the Magic each had a slow quarter before halftime, but it was Orlando scoring 36 points that enabled them to pull away 111-92.
  • 1996: Reggie led the way with 34 points in a game that featured defense, but New Jersey beat the Pacers 88-87.
  • 1998: Indiana defeats Atlanta 96-92 thanks to Reggie scoring 31 points.
  • 1999: Shaq scored a double-double against the Pacers (36 pts., 17 rebs.) but Indiana had the last laugh winning 101-99.
  • 2003: Despite blowing a 20-point second half lead in the second half, Indiana relied on Reggie nailing seven 3-pointers that put the Pacers over the Hawks 98-97 in overtime.
  • 2007: After falling behind by as many as nine early, Indiana never looked back by putting a double-digit win to the Grizzlies 114-104. It's the Grizzlies' 40th loss of the season.
  • 2012: LeBron didn't have an off night. He scored 23 points, had nine rebounds, seven assists and four steals in a 105-90 Heat win over Indiana.