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Danny Granger injury update: Granger reportedly close to return after full-court scrimmage

The Pacers forward could return as early as Wednesday against Charlotte but more likely following the All-Star break.

Michael Hickey-US PRESSWIRE

Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger took another big step toward returning to game action when he took part in full-court work with his teammates on Sunday.

Mike Wells and Jeremiah Johnson spoke with Frank Vogel following practice and the Pacers coach avoided setting expectations for Granger's return in the final two games this week before the All-Star break, but he also didn't fully rule out 33's return against Charlotte on Wednesday.

Playing limited minutes on Wednesday seems ideal just so Granger can get through the "return" game and give the legs a little run before the All-Star break. That is assuming of course, that the knee and rest of the body are ready to go. I imagine Vogel's reluctance to set a go time was because the team and trainers have to see how he shows up at the Fieldhouse tomorrow after the full-court work today.

If there is any hesitation about returning on Wednesday then they have the full All-Star break to continue prepping Granger to play on the other side. The Pacers host the New York Knicks on Feb. 20 so Granger would be thrown right into the heat of the action if that turns into his first game back.

Regardless, it is nice to now wonder when Granger will play as opposed to if.

Oh, and according to Roy Hibbert, the Pacers practice today was no joke.