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Danny Granger injury update: Granger scrimmages with team as Pacers prepare for Spurs

Danny Granger ramped up the activity in his strained calf recovery by getting some run during the scrimmage portion of the Pacers practice on Friday.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers injured forward Danny Granger joined the team for practice on Friday as they prepare to take on the San Antonio Spurs tomorrow night. The Pacers have indicated Granger is not close to returning, but as Jeremiah Johnson reported from the scene, Granger did run with his team during the scrimmage portion of practice.

Candace Bruckner also offered some visual proof of 33 joining the fray.

We have been to this point before with Granger as he tries to returned from a strained calf/saving some mileage on his knee. Getting that first practice in is the easy part. How the key body parts react the next morning to the extra work and then how they respond in the days ahead, will ultimately determine if the Pacers are ready to set a return timetable for Granger.

As tired and impatient as you may be with Granger's injury issues, remember that his true value this year is on the court during the playoffs. I think Granger would look mighty nice handling those minutes Orlando Johnson and Solomon Hill are playing these days. The more options the better.