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Pacers endure a rough commute from Salt Lake City to San Antonio

The Pacers direct flight to San Antonio turned into an adventure when fog forced the plane to land in Houston.

Streeter Lecka

After beating the Jazz in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, the Pacers were off to the next one aboard a chartered flight for the two and a half to three hour direct flight to San Antonio. But fog forced the plane to circle the Alamo for an hour before eventually landing in Houston.

Once safely on the ground in H-Town, the Pacers then had to endure a four-hour bus drive to San Antonio. Well, for all but one bus it was four hours. Part of the traveling party had their bus break down, then lose the defroster and eventually find a What-A-Burger that instead was a mirage due to construction. Oof.

On the players' bus, the team bonding ramped up when C.J. Watson locked himself in the bathroom. Combine Watson's problems with Roy Hibbert and Instagram and we all get to enjoy the scene on the bus.

Now, I'm loathe to crack wise on the poor NBA travel party having to endure some weather issues and ground transportation since later this evening I'm hoping my flight beats a snow storm to Indy which could have me crying the travel blues, as well.

But, you gotta admit, the reaction along the way from the Pacers traveling party is some fun stuff to take in after the fact. The unlucky bus also included Pacers radio play-by-play man, Mark Boyle and King of Media Relations, David Benner who offered a great blow-by-blow account of the roadie from Houston. Check out their full Twitter time lines (Boyle Benner), but here are some highlights.

Meanwhile, on the players' bus...SAVE C.J.!