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Pacers Links: Pacers 'persevailed' against Jazz, move on to face Spurs

The Pacers struggled early but eventually took care of the Jazz to move to 2-1 on their current five-game road trip with a pair of tough tests remaining before heading back to BLF.

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It wasn't pretty, but the Pacers moved to 17-2 on Wednesday night by rallying in the second half to beat the Utah Jazz, 95-86.

After the game, a winded Roy Hibbert, who admitted to the altitude kicking his behind early in the game, told Mark Boyle his team, "persevailed, oops persevered, Sorry, I'm making up words." Actually, "persevailed" sounds about right for the Pacers win in Utah, finding new ways to win on the road. Three-balls were scarce. No player stepped up with a dominant performance. But in the end, the Pacers spread the wealth enough to leave Salt Lake City with a W.

Now the Blue and Gold head to San Antonio where they will surely be amped up for their matchup with the Spurs on Saturday night. There won't be any persevailing to hang in and steal a win against the Spurs. The Pacers will have to show up ready to fire on all cylinders and then make some plays in winning time. Should be a blast. Hmm, been saying that a lot lately. 17-2 will do that to a guy.

Here's some post-game interviews from FSI's Jeremiah Johnson. Love the final clip of Lance discussing the T, saying, "I gotta calm it down a little bit and stop giving my money away."

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