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Pacers halftime score: Pacers trail Jazz 48-47

The Indiana Pacers closed the second quarter on a 14-4 run to minimize one of the worst halves of the year. The Pacers stumbled through the first half with lazy defensive effort, bad shooting, and almost no sense of urgency. They fell down 12-2 out of the gate, and spent the rest of the half trying to break through the two possession wall. The Utah Jazz had nine offensive rebounds as they hold a 25-20 rebounding edge.

Most of the positive play has come from Luis Scola and Lance Stephenson, working off of each other for 25 combined points; 12 for Scola and 13 for Stephenson. Paul George has struggled shooting the ball, going 2-8 with eight points. The Jazz have gotten plenty of contributions from around the board, with five players scoring eight or more, led by Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter with 10. Trey Burke has eight points and six assists while Gordon Hayward has eight.