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Show off your new Indiana Pacers gifts

'Tis the season for giving and receiving and with the Pacers rolling through the season at 23-5, there were plenty of blue and gold gifts exchanged over the holiday. So let's see whey ya got!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On my way out to the left coast for Christmas, I noticed a Pacers display with a Paul George t-shirt displayed out front at an Indy Airport store.I travel just enough to know I haven't noticed Pacers gear so prominently displayed because, well I notice such things.

With the big start for the Pacers and plenty of fans fully embracing what is going on at the Fieldhouse, you have to figure there was a lot of fresh gear and tickets exchanged as gifts this week. I initially tapped Twitter to see pics of the gifts and will update this post as the gifts keep rolling in. You can Tweet me @IndyCornrows to add your pic to the story or just add it in the comments below.

From the looks of things, 24 has become the new 18 in Indy. Again, keep the pics coming and check back for updates.

Tickets and sweet tees. Nice!

Whoa, this is an epic Hibbert shirt. I bet he'd frame this and put it over his mantle.

My man below looks like he feels invincible in his new PG jersey.

Not all PG. Lance getting some love from love, too.

Now we're talking about absolute gold for any Pacers fan.

Check out this sweet autographed ball.

So which gifts do you like the best? Feel free to add your wish list in the comments below or include a pic of your own new gear.