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Roy Hibbert Takes Over NBA at ESPN Twitter

Even though the league's schedule makers decided that the Nets, Bulls, and Knicks would all be more compelling than the Indiana Pacers, Roy Hibbert still found an entertaining way to be involved in the league's Christmas Day slate of games.

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Even though the Pacers were not included in the NBA’s Christmas schedule, Roy Hibbert still managed to find a way to be involved with the marquee game day. Rather than donning a Pacers T-Shirt jersey paired with blue and gold candy striped socks, the Big Dawg took over the @ESPNNBA twitter account for the first quarter of the Heat/Lakers game on Wednesday.

Fortunately for followers of @ESPNNBA, Hibbert sprinkled his signature humor and candor in with his actual coverage and analysis of the game, or as he termed it, "…peppering yall w/random info stuff."

Roy tipped off his quarter strong when he, in usual form, forthrightly stated what everyone watching the slate of games was already thinking... Why is the NBA making the players where those horrible, pajama-esque uniforms?:

The next gem from Hibbert’s twitter takeover came after the first timeout of the quarter when he revealed the following:

Roy fully supported the above claim when he later returned to his own twitter handle:

For those unfamiliar with "The Indian in the Cupboard," the film’s plot mainly revolves around a boy who receives both a Native American figurine and a cupboard for his birthday. Along the way, the boy discovers that if he places his toy in the cupboard, the figurine is capable of coming to life. When the boy and his friend place a cowboy in the cupboard and watch a film that shows Native Americans being slaughtered in the American west, trouble ensues between the enemy toys. Later, the two friends decide it is best to return the cowboy and Native American to the cupboard where they will be able to return to their respective places in history.

After reading that synopsis, it obviously is anyone’s guess exactly how that film could at all apply to the Big Dawg’s life. Nevertheless, it is definitely humorous and curious to ponder what exactly the linkage could be between Roy and that particular film.

Following Roy’s random information about a 1995 children’s movie, he then turned his attention toward those never-ending Chris/Cliff Paul commercials (seriously, is this gimmick ever going to be over?):

Mixed in with Hibbert’s "random info stuff" was some actual analysis of the first quarter, as well as, some tips for defending his Eastern Conference competitors (not rivals) in Miami:

Being Christmas Day, Roy also clearly could not pass up the opportunity to post a festive holiday picture of himself for his followers (while also throwing in a picture of himself being fouled by LeBron James for good measure):

The Big Dawg also had to throw in a few shameless plugs for his own twitter handle, @Hoya2aPacer:

Of course, after fans got to experience his random humor and forthright honesty all in just one quarter, he probably did not need to beg for followers – his magnetic personality probably did that all on its own. After claiming his life somehow partially inspired "The Indiana in the Cupboard," it is no wonder that, as the Indianapolis Star reported, Roy made Sports Pickle’s "Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2013" list.