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Roy Hibbert Displeased with ESPN Headline

Late Sunday night, Roy Hibbert took to social media to voice his displeasure with ESPN's usage of the terminology "slip past" when describing his team's win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It was one of the Pacers' best wins of the young NBA season. It was a victory that set the tone for Indiana's tough five game road trip against some of the best of the west. When the Pacers went the final four minutes of the game without a single field goal, they remained steadfastly committed to their signature defense, and, subsequently, earned a win against one of the Western Conference's top contenders.

Bottom line - the Pacers won the game, thus poking a few holes in the theory that their league best record is a fluke, or simply the product of feasting on the league's bottom feeders. Yet, after the game, ESPN's post-game recap was titled as, "Pacers slip past Clippers to improve to 16-1."

Decide for yourself, but using the words "slip past" seems to implicate that the Pacers did not hold the lead for almost the entirety of the 48 minute contest. Judging by Roy Hibbert's tweet late Sunday night, the Pacers' center did not take too kindly to the 24 hour sports network's handling of its game summary:

As can be observed from Hibbert's usage of social media, he also apparently did not appreciate the highlights that were selected to be shown from the game. Instead of predominantly showcasing the team that came out of the contest victorious, most of the video from the game recap consisted of lob passes, steals, and put-back dunks executed by the Clippers.

Regardless of whether the Pacers slipped past the team formerly known as "Lob City," or earned an impressive road victory against a top-tier team, some members of the media did take ample notice of Indiana's "W" on Sunday:

As Roy stated, dunks are nice, but wins are better. "W" or "L" - its the only stat, highlight, or headline that matters.