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Justin Timberlake entertains even while being entertained by Pacers

A night before entertaining Indy with his latest concert, Justin Timberlake took in the Pacers/Heat game on Tuesday night and found a way to star in the show.

Justin Timberlake is as talented an entertainer as we have these days, so his appearance courtside for the Pacers/Heat game on Tuesday night created an added buzz in the Fieldhouse for a game that didn't even need it. JT sat in the front row at mid-court, wearing a ridiculous NBA hat (rumors circulated that he had a Heat hat on earlier, but as a part-owner of the Grizzlies and a pretty savvy entertainer, I find that hard to believe) so he was easy to spot.

The Pacers game ops crew took advantage of the situation to draw him into one of the timeout entertainment segments. Danny'Oke is a staple at the Fieldhouse in which a Pacers player or players try to identify a song performed by Danny Granger while he listens to the tune on his headphones, thus feeling he is in tune while belting out the lyrics (or at least his interpretation of the lyrics).

On Tuesday night, the big screen skit went to another level as Granger absolutely beat the Timberlake portion of "Holy Grail" to a pulp, much to the delight of Paul George and George Hill. As you can see in the video (thanks, Matt Dollinger), the two George's didn't help things by, well trying to help Granger. But once the Jaz-Z portion of the song began bumping the three Pacers really let loose which brought a standing ovation from Timberlake and roars of approval from the BLF faithful.

Before taking control of BLF for his show on Wednesday night after the game, JT put up some shots and posed for pictures with several Indiana and Miami players. Here's Timberlake engaging Paul George in a little shooting contest. Not bad.