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Halftime score: Pacers trail Heat 47-40

Given how poorly the Indiana Pacers played throughout the first half, a seven point halftime advantage falls squarely in the "fortunate to be" category. The Pacers got plenty of of contributions from their front line as David West leads Indiana with 11 points and Roy Hibbert followed with nine. Lance Stephenson has seven, but it's been George Hill and Paul George who have struggled mightily to make an impact on the game.

George had just two first half points on 0-4 shooting, committing five of Indiana's astronomically bad 13 first half turnovers. The turnovers led to 16 Miami Heat points while the Heat have only turned the ball over four times. The Pacers have done a poor job offensively and it's been partly due to the team's frustration with referee whistles, as the Heat have 12 first half free throw attempts. LeBron James leads Miami with 10, but it'll take a much better second half to turn a seven-point deficit into a win.