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Pacers Links: Pacers tip off road trip with early start against Clippers

Jet lag shouldn't be an issue for the Pacers in Los Angeles with an early tip time for their first road game against the Clippers.


The Pacers jumped three time zones on their way to L.A. to face the Clippers on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, they don't have to worry about a late night tip while acclimating to the three-hour time difference from Indy since the opener on their roadie tips off at 12:30 pm PT around the time the Colts will be finishing off the Titans in Indy.

The Pacers may catch another break as they begin a brutal 10-game stretch of games with the first of five consecutive on the road. The Clippers will be without J.J. Redick at shooting guard and Chris Paul may not be able to answer the bell with a strained hamstring which kept him out of the Clips' game on Friday.

CP3 will surely want to give it a go to play against the NBA's top team (San Antonio lost to Houston last night, leaving the Pacers as the only one-loss team), but the Clippers also have to consider the big picture if Paul isn't 100 percent. If Paul can't go, former Pacer Darren Collison will likely start which should set up an interesting passive-aggressive grudge match with George Hill.

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