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Halftime score: Pacers trail Nets 46-44

Once again, the Indiana Pacers find themselves down at the break tonight to the Brooklyn Nets. Halftime deficits have been the story of the year for the Pacers, who are down in their sixth game and will be trying to do what they've done the previous five times and take control of the game in the second half. The Pacers opened up with hot shooting, hitting seven of their first 12 shots, but cooled off quickly to allow the Nets back into the game as it took on a seesaw variety in the second quarter.

Roy Hibbert leads the Pacers with 10 points with six rebounds and a block. David West follows up with nine points, including a three pointer, and Paul George has eight, but has struggled shooting at just 2-7. Lance Stephenson has seven. For the Nets, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson each have eight as Mason Plumlee leads them off the bench with six. The Pacers have only committed five turnovers, but haven't been able to use it to their advantage, only forcing four.