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Halftime score: Pacers slump against Bulls 43-37

In a nearly identical first half as last night's game against Detroit, the Indiana Pacers stumble through the second quarter en route to a halftime deficit to the Chicago Bulls. The Pacers were in a zone in the first quarter, taking a six point lead into the second quarter, but the second unit, led by Lance Stephenson, committed six turnovers and scored just 12 points.

Stephenson has been woeful, looking visibly frustrated, shooting 0-7 with a pair of turnovers to his name. Three first half fouls put him on the bench, which can hopefully clear his head through the break and reset his night. Paul George played well to lead the Pacers with nine, but the team is shooting just 37% with a severe free throw deficit, the Bulls shooting 14 while Indiana has went to the stripe just four times. Derrick Rose leads the Bulls with 12, on a solid 5-9 shooting.