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Pacers make sure Ian Mahinmi has a special birthday

The Pacers strong chemistry was evident in the way they took care of their reserve center for his birthday.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Pacers reserve center Ian Mahinmi turned 27 on Tuesday and the Pacers delivered a W as a nice present for the big fella. But they didn't stop there.

On the way home, rookie Solomon Hill was caught flashing a little personality when he took to the PA on the team flight to sing Happy Birthday to Mahinmi.

But there was more. Brooke Olzendam relayed a story during the game broadcast last night about Ian celebrating his birthday a couple of days early by meeting his wife and daughter for dinner on the team's off night Monday. Except when Ian went to meet his wife at the restaurant, his teammates were there to surprise him and join in the celebration.

As Quinn Buckner noted, that's a fun story but really does emphasize how tight this group of players is to have the whole team make the effort, on a rare night off this week, to get together outside of the Fieldhouse for one of their teammate's birthdays.

Here's a portion of the rook singing Happy Birthday to Mahinmi on the team's flight home from Detroit last night.

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