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Pacers consult Disney to help improve fan experience at Bankers Life Fieldhouse

The Pacers are all mouse ears when it comes to improving the Fieldhouse experience as the organization looks for ways other than wins to keep their customers happy.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers organization isn't exhaling as the team's current success has increased the demand for tickets and improved the bottom-line financial outlook for the franchise, at least in the short term.

As the Pacers fully re-engage with the public at-large in Central Indiana, the organization appears to be taking steps to make sure new fans or returning fans enjoy more than just the product on the court when they journey down to Bankers Life Fieldhouse for a game.

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, the Pacers hired Walt Disney Co.'s Disney Institute to help fine tune every aspect of the customer experience, presumably with the plan to make BLF the "Happiest Hoops Hall on Earth" or something like that. Pacers S&E CEO, Rick Fuson mentions focusing on all of the little things throughout the process of the fan experience from purchasing tickets to leaving after another Pacers win.

"We think there's a lot we can learn from a company like Disney," said Rick Fuson, Pacers chief operating officer and executive director of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. "We want our customers to think we go beyond whatever they imagined we'd do in fulfilling their needs and wishes."

No doubt the Pacers have learned some tough lessons over the past decade. A new approach to assembling their roster sure helped things on the court and it appears the administrative side of the Fieldhouse is also showing a willingness to remain flexible and continually strive to be better.

The team should get their money's worth since other NBA teams will monitor what impact Disney has on the Pacers as both the NBA and Disney look to expand the program to other teams. The estimated $100,000 per year cost cited in the story seems more than reasonable if they achieve the desire results.

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