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SB Nation: Dawn of the Paul George Era

The Sunday Shootaround feature on SB Nation leads off with the realization that the 'Paul George Era' is upon us.

Alex Trautwig

A weekly staple for any NBA fan is Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround on SB Nation's NBA site. Since Flannery plies his trade from a home base in the Boston area, he took some time to take in the rapid ascendancy of Paul George when the Pacers beat the Celtics on Friday night.

The result is a great read to enjoy on your Sunday afternoon. Flannery does a great job of capturing the essence of PG as a budding star that doesn't focus on the "me" but instead the "we" with the Pacers.

That's perhaps the most impressive thing about George. He's on the rocket ride to stardom -- no matter how you choose to define it -- but still seems grounded. He's also learned to adjust to new expectations and new pressures. Just like his team.

"We don't feel like we're the underdog," George said. "We feel like we have a target on our back. A lot of teams are coming after us. It's fun. You've been the underdog for so long and you prepared being the underdog for so long, you're ready for all opponents. That's really how we carry ourselves now. We expect to get the best out of teams and we perform."

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