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Halftime score: Pacers trail Celtics 50-42

Indiana Pacers are in a similar position trailing at halftime to the Boston Celtics on the road. It's not a surprise or anything, but mildly annoying, though not nearly as annoying as Jordan Crawford going 8-8 from the floor for 19 points, including a pair of buzzer beating threes to close the quarter. The Celtics have done a solid job shooting the ball, getting easy transition points, including 26 points in the paint as they shot 59% in the first half.

That's tough to contend with and will be hugely problematic if the Celtics continue to shoot with the same level of success in the second half. The Pacers have spread the wealth with Luis Scola leading the Pacers with seven. Scola led a bench that outscored Boston 16-6. Lance Stephenson has played a solid game, scoring six points with six rebounds, five assists, and two steals.