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Halftime score: Pacers trail Knicks 42-37

The New York Knicks kept the Indiana Pacers at bay through the first half thanks to a 13-0 start, so in some ways, only trailing by five is a positive for Indiana despite poor offensive execution that had them below 30% for much of the half. A mild close to the half had the Pacers knocking on the door of the lead, but the Knicks had a response every time Indiana got close. Carmelo Anthony led the way with 17 points, but has gotten contributions from his starting lineup, including eight from Andrea Bargnani.

The Knicks have a healthy second chance opportunity to help them maintain their lead, and their defense has been active; constant switching seems to really be confusing the Pacers' offensive execution. Paul George leads the way with seven, but six players, including Luis Scola, have scored five. The Pacers have struggled getting into the paint, scoring 12, while allowing New York to score 20. Plenty of work left for the Pacers, who will need another top tier third quarter in order to turn the game around.