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Halftime score: Bulls rolling Pacers 60-35

The Indiana Pacers have lacked energy, have gotten taken out of their element by whistles, and have allowed the Chicago Bulls to shoot 54.8% in the first half. The result is a lopsided, embarrassing 60-35 score for a Pacers team that has prided themselves on defense. Derrick Rose has 14 points with four three pointers, and Chicago as a team is 6-7 from deep. On Indiana's side, they're playing about as well as a team typically does when they score 35. Shooting 31.4%, Paul George and Lance Stephenson are each 2-10 from the field.

David West does have 11 and Roy Hibbert with nine, but those are the only things going right for Indiana, who will need a monumental second half if they hope to keep their winning streak alive.