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Danny Granger injury update: Days off allow Granger to return to court this week

As the Pacers schedule slows down over the next two weeks, the team expects Danny Granger to begin working his way back into game shape at practice.

Gregory Shamus

Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger hopes to return to the court in practice this week, according to coach Frank Vogel.

After completing a stretch of five games in seven nights, the Pacers have three full days off at home before playing the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday. The full team won't practice on Tuesday, but Vogel expects Granger to be in for some half-court work with the plan to take part in practice on Wednesday and Thursday. Expectations remain up in the air for Granger's full return to game action since his return tips off a new process of getting his game legs and timing in shape.

"I'm not sure what his return date will be," Vogel said. "Anybody that's had a muscle strain knows it doesn't start grabbing at you till you really push it so we'll see how he does this week."

Once Granger is ready to return, he will supplement the reserve unit off the bench in order to keep Lance Stephenson in the starting lineup and playing a big role in the rotation. That means Solomon Hill and Orlando Johnson will have to sacrifice some of the minutes they've been playing.

"I'll probably have a time frame where for X number of games he'll (Granger) come off the bench and probably get some of the minutes Orlando Johnson and Solomon Hill are getting," Vogel said.

But as with the whole process, Vogel and the Pacers will just take it one step at a time and see how things go when Granger returns to the court.