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Paul George buys out Fresno State season opener

Former Bulldog and current Pacers star lends a hand to his college team to get their season started right.


Indiana Pacers forward Paul George is taking the G2 Zone to the left coast and kicking it up a few notches. Fresh off signing a monster contract extension, PG decided to give back to Fresno State by purchasing every seat for the team's regular season home opener against Cal State Northridge on November 16th, as the school's Director of Development celebrated in a recent tweet.

The Save Mart Center seats just shy of 16,000 fans and all of them have a chance to see the 2013-14 Bulldogs open the season. No surprise that PG is being so generous with his former school since he never misses a chance to pump up his "Pack Gang" back in  Fresno. Ticket range between $12 and  $27 plus fees,bu I'll assume PG earned a waiver on the fees.

Money may appear to be no problem for PG, with $90 million on the way following this season, but I hope he has the right people to help him manage his generosity. A good "No" man than the long line of "Yes" men waiting to help him spend all of that dough.

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