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Pacers release Hilton Armstrong to cut roster down to 14 players

Following the final preseason game, the Pacers made a roster move but may not be done before the regular season starts on Tuesday.

Michael Hickey

The Indiana Pacers announced the release of big man Hilton Armstrong which trims their roster down to 14 players and leaves forward Rasual Butler as the only camp invitee remaining on the roster without a guaranteed contract for the upcoming season.

Armstrong played less than four minutes on Friday night in Dallas, collecting four rebounds in his final playing time with the Pacers. For the full preseason, Armstrong played minimal minutes in which he saw action, aside from the home Dallas game when he played 19 minutes and led the team with eight rebounds.

Between Butler and Armstrong, it seemed like keeping the additional big man would be most prudent for the Pacers, although the team may feel Butler is a better fit overall. A veteran player with NBA experience who slides right into the culture of the club.

There's also the distinct possibility that Butler won't be on the roster when the regular season starts on Tuesday. Frank Vogel has mentioned expecting to start the season with 13 players on the roster which would only account for the players under contract. The wild card in the whole thing is Danny Granger's health. While Granger's current calf injury doesn't appear to be long-term issue, keeping another just-in-case wing on the roster as insurance may be a good enough reason to keep Butler around.

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