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Paul George participates in #4BarFriday

While anxiously waiting to see Paul George play in the Pacers first regular season game, check out some of his skills off the court.


Midway through September, last season's rookie of the year, Damian Lillard, launched a new trend on Twitter and Instagram known as #4BarFriday. According to the contest site, 4 Bar Friday is "a weekly Instagram based freestyle competition." Each Friday, willing participants submit their "best bars in 15 seconds or less" via social media. The top 4 raps are then selected to be showcased on the site.

In the first week of the competition alone (Friday, September 13th), the site claims to have received 100s of submissions for the freestyle competition. Among those numerous entrants, have been aspiring rappers, NBA fans, WNBA player Tina Thompson, and several of the league's young stars. In addition to the reigning ROY, CJ McCollum, Iman Shumpert, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes, and Paul George all have been recording some lyrics on Instagram that have been featured on the site over the past six weeks.

Admittedly biased as an Indiana native, Paul George's nicest 4 bar rap (of the many he has posted on Instagram) was submitted during week #3 of the contest when he rhymed about his Indianapolis based rise to stardom:

High roller, California soldier/ Naptown reppin' put the city on my shoulders/ unlimited the amount of pressure devoted to reach these motives/ livin' the testimony believin' whatever hope is.

Check it out:

For more of Paul George’s best bars: follow the Palmdale product on Twitter @Paul_George24 and check-in each Friday, or head over to the 4 Bar Friday site for some of his earlier rhymes.

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