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Pacers pave way in NBA with IEDC court sponsorship

The Pacers are the first among 30 NBA teams to sell courtside ad space on the floor.


The Indiana Pacers broke new advertising ground in the NBA by becoming the first team to sell ad space on the court, as first reported by Anthony Schoettle at the IBJ.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) signed a two-year deal with the Pacers to advertise on the sidelines, an area the NBA voted to open up for advertising opportunities earlier this summer. IEDC will also have other digital advertising on signage around the Fieldhouse, but their slogan, "A State that Works" will show up on the hardwood in front of the home and away benches.

The Pacers are part of the state, so by selling Indiana the Pacers are also selling themselves to potential new businesses as Pacers sales and marketing VP, Todd Taylor explained.

"If this campaign increases the state's brand and helps draw more business here, that gives us more potential clients to sell sponsorships, suites and club seats to," Taylor said. "... This deal reinforces our brand and their brand. We're the only NBA team with the name of the state where we play on our jersey."

That slogan should be a good fit for this Pacers team assuming they do indeed show up to work every night at the Fieldhouse, as expected.

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