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Carmelo Anthony suspended against Pacers

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The NBA has suspended Carmelo Anthony one game for his actions following the Knicks/Celtics game.

Bruce Bennett

Carmelo Anthony's surreal-like series of off-the-court confrontations with Kevin Garnett following the New York Knicks loss to Boston a couple of nights ago have led to the NBA levying a suspension against the Knicks' star in the team's game against the Indiana Pacers on Thursday night.

While the snarky responses about David Stern sitting a star player in a national game are justified, this will directly affect the Indiana Pacers as the Knicks are also without Raymond Felton. The Knicks have compiled a 3-3 record when they are without Anthony, proving they're no pushovers when being led by J.R. Smith.

The initial thought is that this will open up opportunities for the Pacers, and rightfully so, but Indiana can't be too careful and expect to win by overlooking even a shorthanded Knicks team. How do you expect the suspension to affect the Pacers/Knicks game tomorrow? Was a suspension even warranted?