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This Day in Pacers History: January 9

Pacers fans do not necessarily like seeing their team playing on this date considering most games end up in losses. Prior to 1993, the Pacers were winless on this date. Indiana's biggest foe on this date is Kobe Bryant.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

  • 1980: Six SuperSonics scored in double-digits in a 120-111 loss to the Pacers. Leading scorer for Indiana was James Edwards with 30 points.
  • 1982: Golden State simply shot better than the Pacers, which was the clear difference in a Warriors 116-105 win.
  • 1985: Cover up the final score in the box score, and it's a toss-up. Unfortunately, the coin didn't fall the Pacers' way falling by one to Milwaukee despite each team having a 30-point scorer.
  • 1988: The Lakers stayed hot during the 1987-88 season by defeating the Pacers 101-98 to grab their 14th consecutive win. Magic Johnson and James Worthy each scored 21 while for the Pacers, Steve Stipanovich led the way with a game-high 26 points.
  • 1993: Indiana ended their losing streak on this date by beating the Magic 104-88. Shaq led the way with 30 points, but his team as a whole shot 37 percent. Reggie Miller led Indiana with 16 points.
  • 1996: Despite scoring nearly a third of his team's points, Dallas's George McCloud scored 25 of his team's 84 points, but the rest of his teammates didn't fare so well. The Mavericks shot 33 percent which led the Pacers to win 91-84 while all five Pacers starters made it to the double-digit points bank.
  • 2000: Reggie made five made three-pointers, but it wasn't enough against the Kings and Chris Webber's 31 points in a 116-113 loss.
  • 2001: That pesky "Mailman" and the Jazz stuck it to the Pacers once again via 35 points in a 103-99 win over the Pacers.
  • 2002: Kobe and Shaq combined for 51 points, including a 15-0 run, to boost the Lakers over the Pacers 109-90.
  • 2004: Indiana's defense helped bring a third straight home loss to the Mavericks while boosting the Pacers to their seventh straight victory.
  • 2005: Phoenix scored 124, and simply put, Indiana didn't have more than that. It was an ugly 124-89 loss.
  • 2006: Kobe puts up 45 points in a 96-90 loss for the Pacers. He became the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score at least 45 points in four straight games.
  • 2007: Al Harrington puts up 18 points, 14 of those in the third quarter, against his former team in a 91-72 win over Atlanta.
  • 2008: After getting blown out the night before, Indiana fell short in a 129-122 overtime loss. Leandro Barbosa hit two three-pointers to seal the win for the Suns.
  • 2009: Leave it to Kobe to stop the Pacers once again. His 36 points in a 121-119 game gave the Pacers their 23rd loss. Danny Granger had a good night with 28 points.
  • 2010: Oklahoma City started out the second half with a 10-3 run that gave the Pacers a fit in a 108-102 loss. Kevin Durant also scored 40 points while A.J. Price scored a career-high 23 points.
  • 2012: Philadelphia ended out the opening frame with an 11-0 run, and their bench play also helped the Sixers beat the Pacers 96-86.