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This Day in Pacers History: January 8

Indiana and the Los Angeles Clippers met several times on this date, but it didn't really fare out so well for the Pacers while Josh Smith scored 27 against Indiana in 2011.

Josh Smith led the Hawks with 27 points against the Pacers on this date in 2011.
Josh Smith led the Hawks with 27 points against the Pacers on this date in 2011.
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

  • 1977: Indiana won their fifth straight game of the season, and their 20th overall, 80-73 over the New York Nets. Indiana scored only 10 in the second quarter, however.
  • 1978: Scott Williamson made nine field goals for 24 points to lead the Pacers over the sub-.500 Lakers 104-103.
  • 1980: The tandem of Mickey Johnson and center James Edwards combined for 66 points in a defense-less 122-118 Pacers win. For the Blazers, Kermit Washington and Ron Brewer each scored 27.
  • 1981: Billy Knight led the Pacers with 25 points while four others scored in double-digits win a 116-115 overtime win over the Knicks. Indiana was on a roll with their fifth straight win.
  • 1982: Utah's Adrian Dantley scored 30 for the Jazz that put them back in the win column with a 108-102 final. Herb Williams led Indiana with 24 points.
  • 1986: Despite having double-doubles from Steve Stipanovich and Wayman Tisdale, Sacramento's Mike Woodson scored 25 points and LaSalle Thompson had 21 rebounds to dethrone the Pacers 88-87.
  • 1987: Ralph Sampson almost had as many rebounds than points for the Rockets with 17 points and 16 rebounds. Houston beat the Pacers 110-96.
  • 1990: Reggie Miller put up 38 points, which on most nights, gives the Pacers a good shot to win. Not on this one, however. Philadelphia beat the Pacers 120-116 thanks to Charles Barkley's 32 points.
  • 1991: The Clippers had a pair of starters who scored 25 points that included 55 percent shooting in comparison to Indiana's 49 percent shooting. L.A. clipped Indiana 122-107 to hand the Pacers their third straight loss.
  • 1992: Indiana and the Clippers met once again one year later, and the result was very similar. Indiana dropped their third straight game after losing 104-102. Danny Manning led the Clippers with 22 points. Indiana shot better than the Clippers from the floor by nearly five percent despite losing.
  • 1994: Detroit was struggling as the calendar turned from 1993. Indiana handed the Pistons their ninth consecutive loss in a 101-92 win for Indy. Byron Scott led Indiana with 21 points.
  • 1998: Indiana held Houston to 37 percent shooting despite seeing Kevin Willis drop 32 points in a 87-80 win.
  • 2000: The Clippers and the Pacers met up once again, and the Clippers got their 10th win at home, 107-94. Tyrone Nesby put in solid time for L.A. with 23 points in 22 minutes.
  • 2001: Jalen Rose led the Pacers with 18 points over the Clippers (again) in an 85-82 win. Indiana held the Clippers to 39 percent shooting from the floor.
  • 2003: New York had the opportunity to beat the Pacers on their final possession, but the magic of the Fieldhouse helped the Pacers survive with a 89-87 win.
  • 2005: Dallas could not miss at home, especially Dirk Nowitzki with his 34 points. The Mavericks thrived on 74 percent from the floor in the first half win which led them to beat the Pacers 121-101.
  • 2006: Stephen Jackson nailed six three-pointers to lead the Pacers in a 25-point win over the Kings.
  • 2008: Utah shot 47 percent from the floor while holding the Pacers to 43 percent in a 111-89 loss. The Jazz once had a 28-point lead in the first half.
  • 2010: Danny Granger saw his first game action in 16 games while he and his Pacers defense couldn't stop Kevin Love and his 18 points and 13 rebounds in a 116-109 Pacer loss.
  • 2011: Atlanta guard Josh Smith led the Hawks with 27 points to get their tenth straight win, 108-93. Indiana only had five made three-pointers.